Cadco Consulting LLC

Work with Computers not Against Them
Whether a company needs a large network set-up or just print and file sharing capabilities, our technicians can handle any situation. On-call 24 hours a day, we offer some of the highest rated and experienced computer experts in town. Give us a call or setup a meeting to discuss any and all technical needs. Below is a list of some of the main services we provide:

Cadco Consulting guides companies through the complicated task of purchasing and installing networks, upgrades, and other technology related items.

Including designing, installing and maintaining peer to peer and client server networks using Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, ChromeOS or Linux.

Cadco Consulting offers full technical support for computer systems including maintenance, upgrades, administration, security and back-up planning.

We specialize in connecting a company to the internet or external intranet in a variety ways. Cadco Consulting can set-up all mail applications and file sharing systems.

Network Data Cabling
Even if you have a wireless network, there are cables. Most of our clients have a mix of both these days. But they all started the same. We know the proper ways of installation because we know that cable is the backbone of your network. Cat 5e/6/6a, fiber, voice, data, or most any other cabling you can throw at us.

Anyone can throw a cable on the top of your ceiling panel and call it good, but is it really good? Chances are it's not. Lights, electrical lines and other things can degrade the signal coming through your cables, resulting in poor performance and even stoppage. We have the knowledge to get your cabling in place and working correctly. We have done the network cable installation on new buildings as well as existing, so no matter the place we have the solution. Even in unconventional locations, we have wire moldings to hide wires that can't be hidden in the walls, like isolated cubicles in the middle of the room. Faceplates with proper drop numbers ensure ease of installation and troubleshooting down the road. If you need a map of the drop locations, we can do that too!

Cable Installation Services:
• Cat 5e / Cat 6 / Cat 6a / Network Data Cable Installation
• Voice Cable Installation