Cadco Consulting LLC

Onsite Computer Repair Service
Why spend valuable time taking your computer system or server to a shop (or Fry's!), when you can easily schedule us to come directly to you? If for some reason we cannot repair your system onsite the same day, we can either come back out again or take your system to our repair shop and have it back in your office or home in a jiffy. Contact us to schedule an onsite service call with us now.

Computer System Upgrades
Does it take a long time for your computer to start up or for your applications to start on your computer? Do you get frustrating "Out of Memory" or "Out of Hard Disk Space" errors while you are trying to work? If so, perhaps it is time to upgrade or replace your system. We can upgrade your system's hard disk drive, memory, video hardware, or even the processor to speed up application processing. We can help you make the determination whether an upgrade or complete system replacement is your best financial investment. The best part is, we come to you! Contact us to schedule an onsite service call with us now.

Maintenance Contract
If your workstation and servers must be operational on a daily or hourly basis, perhaps a Maintenance Contract is your best protection against costly repairs and lost production due to system failures. On a premium maintenance contract, we will perform full inspections of all workstations and servers on the contract. When under contract with us you can call us 24-hours around the clock, 365-days per year to assist with emergency situations.

Computer Repair
We provide computer repair, network maintenance, and IT services to businesses and homes in Southern Nevada and Southern California.
The hourly rates vary by need and the experience level required for your particular job.

Contact us if you are in need of specific computer repair price details.

Reliable service when you need it
We service many customer's computers on a monthly or quarterly basis, because regularly scheduled computer & network maintenance is the key to a successful strategy. You don't have time for computer problems.

What services can we offer you?
We offer all of the following computer services to my customers on a regularly scheduled basis...

Issue Specific Troubleshooting
In Las Vegas and Henderson, we offer both hardware and software troubleshooting, fixing all the problems and annoyances in your office systems. Slow or laggy performance? Getting Blue Screen errors in your Microsoft Office applications? We can increase your productivity, and end your frustration immediately.

Spyware and virus removal and prevention
We will thoroughly remove of all the malicious software, spyware, viruses, malware, Trojans etc. that are in your computers and on your network. We will put safeguards in place to keep them from coming back.

Computer Networking Services
As networks grow, certain areas may be confusing for all the users. Documents become lost as employees change. We will help you organize your network so it makes sense, and keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

Establish a backup routine
The number of hard drives that fail is staggering. What would happen to your business if a critical hard drive failed? Could you be back in business quickly, or would your business be devastated?

We can help you identify all of your important files and folders, and provide a "hands off" automated backup system. This can be copied to tapes, CDs, a second internal or external hard drive, another computer in your office, or sent securely over the internet for encrypted digital storage up in the Cloud.

Remote access and support
Do you need to get into your computer from elsewhere? Remote access makes that possible. We can help you make a secure connection to your home or office PC from a laptop, or anywhere that you have an internet connection. We can also setup remote access into your system so that we can assist you with any issues at a moments notice.

New system migration
Getting a new computer to function correctly with all of your old data can take you hours. Do you have the time to do it? All of your old files, emails, pictures and documents can be painlessly transferred from your old computer to your new system.

Monthly system maintenance
A visit, virtually or on-site, on a monthly or quarterly basis will:

• Ensure that the Antivirus software is up to date, and insure that all Windows Security updates are being applied on a regular basis.
• Ensure that each machine is getting regularly scanned with an updated version of malware & spyware removal software.
• Ensure that the backup system in place is properly functioning, and recover some test data from an actual previous backup session.
• Address any user concerns that may have arisen since the previous visit, fixing all the little things that tend to be annoyances that wouldn't warrant a special trip out by a technician.
• Train your key IT person what warning signs to look for in day to day maintenance.

This monthly maintenance usually takes less than 90 minutes per workstation, and will insure a productive environment for your employees to work in.

How much will all this cost?
• Home service rates in the Treasure Valley area homes begins at $125 per hour.
• Business rates in most types of network environments begin at $150 per hour.
• Computer repair service after 6pm and all weekends may be billed at one and a half times the regular hourly rate, unless you are on a monthly or quarterly maintenance package.
• One hour minimum will be charged for all service calls followed by billing in 1/4 hour increments.
• Computer consulting rates begin at $125 per hour, or more often, on a flat fee per project basis.
• Monthly maintenance plans begin at $400 per month for up to 5 computers with lower pricing for a larger number of workstations.

Please contact us if you are in need of more specific computer service pricing details.